Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Scrap Room

Hi friends!

CKC-Ft. Lauderdale was awesome! I had a fabulous time, got my picture taken with a celeb, made beautiful projects and had loads of fun! Oh, and my Amy Butler tote worked perfectly! Love it! I will share more tomorrow when I download some pics (my hubby took my camera with him fishing today and I hadn't downloaded my CKC images yet!).

For now, let me share some other fun stuff with you. This is my HAPPY ROOM! I cleaned up my scrap room today and organized my projects. When I was done, I took some photos of everything before messing it up again (In case you're wondering, Richard took the small camera with him today; I shot this with our Canon EOS 20D.) Of course, I couldn't help myself so I've been scrappin away the rest of the day.

Look at all my stuff! Going through my stash and seeing all my projects makes me so happy! :-)

1 comment:

Ady said...

Your room pics look great. It is really coming together beautifully. I love those pillows. They look great in pictures...