Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Key West Adventures

So hubby and I spent a nice weekend together in Key West... It was a little bit of a working vacation because I got to experience this great hotel, Casa Marquesa, as part of a press trip. This property is really beautiful, private, perfectly situated just a couple of blocks from Duval Street and the service was excellent. I will definitely do a very nice write up on them :)

On Saturday, we slept in, enjoyed the hotel, ate breakfast on our balcony overlooking the pool and gardens and then we headed out for a nice walk around Key West. We visited an antiques store, some museums, the Truman Annex and more.

On Sunday, we checked out of the hotel very early (against my wishes) and headed off on a two-hour catamaran journey to the Dry Tortugas National Park (to make my hubby happy). Well, as it turns out, we had a great time and I LOVED it there! We toured Fort Jefferson, walked around the complex, went swimming and took lots of photos. The beach there is awesome and the water is crystal clear. Great snorkeling, too! If you haven't been, you should definitely plan to go. It's truly awesome!

Please ignore my nappy windblown hair below. LOL!

Before I go, I just want to share that I am now a subscriber to Studio Calico and I'm getting my first kit in May. I have been buying their kits on and off for some time, but I finally decided to sign up and I am very excited. Look at this beauty. I cannot wait! :)

I hope you are enjoying your week!

Peace and happy scrapping!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 years.

I cannot believe it's been 5 years, but it has... It seems like just the other day... so many thoughts running through my mind this week. So many "what ifs" and no real answers.

My Mom passed away 5 years ago this week. She had been very ill for years, but it was septicaemia that eventually took her life. I'll never forget when we got the call. I was at Wendy's with Richard and he received the call and I knew. I knew something had happened. I knew it. I didn't believe it and I certainly didn't expect it, but I knew.

We were picking up something to eat and then we were heading to the hospital. But when I got to the hospital, it was too late. She was gone. I got to go in and see her and I broke down. I never got to say "goodbye" or "I'm sorry." There was no closure. And I will be sorry and regret this for as long as I live.

My Mom and I had a difficult relationship and so much was left unsaid. But I did love her. I just didn't realize exactly how much until she was gone. Until she was no longer here for me to call or hug or talk to her. I miss her terribly. I miss her craziness and drama. I miss her trying to baby me and give me advice. I miss her laugh and her big personality. She was one of a kind. She was special. And I know now that I meant the world to her and that she loved me so much. After she passed away, my step dad, Jorge, gave me albums, notes and keepsakes that she kept from my childhood. Some things I didn't know she had.

I just wish I would have been there for her much more than I was. If only I could turn back time... Now I just pray and talk to her and I hope she can hear me and I hope that she continues to be with me throughout my life.

This is an old scrapbook layout I made a few years ago with my favorite photo of my Mom

That baby in the photo is me with my Mom sitting behind me

That's my Mom (far right) the day she married Jorge

I love you, Mom.

Thank you for letting me pour out my heart tonight...

Tomorrow afternoon, I am heading to Key West with my honey so I will be back on Sunday. Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bon Jovi was AWESOME!!!

As usual. I have LOVED them since I was a pre-teen. I used to touch the TV screen when their videos played on MTV and sing along like a mad woman. I was obsessed. Still am, actually, to some extent. I think Jon and Richie are HOT and I love their music. Their lyrics speak to me, their music energizes me, seeing them in person gives me pure delight and goose bumps. Every time. I cannot get enough of my favorite band. I had a silly grin on my face all day Sunday just thinking about the concert. Once I arrived, I was overcome with joy and it didn't matter that it was pouring outside.

VIP Parking right in front of the BankAtlantic Center entrance - check
VIP T-shirts and badge - check
VIP souvenir tickets - check
Autographed tour programs - check
Kickass seats - check
Camera turned on - check

I was ready. It was showtime baby!

These are just some of the photos I shot. It was hard getting good photos with my point and shoot camera... especially with the red and blue lights and the smoke inside the arena... BUT I managed to get a few good shots to remember this special night. I had Circleside VIP tickets so when they moved up to the outer stage circle, I was literally four rows away from Jon! Wow. (Heart beating fast now!) I could see his gorgeous smile, that boyish grin, the sweat coming down his chest. Oooh, baby!

I can't wait for their next tour! They put on such an awesome show and it just keeps getting better :) They ROCK my world!

By the way, I downloaded the Poladroid demo and created vintage-looking Polaroids from a couple of my photos. Love it! So cool, easy and fun! Check this out:

That's all for now... I hope you enjoyed my concert photos!

Peace and happy scrapping,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bon Jovi | Cool Etsy Find

Hi my friends!

I hope you've had a fabulous weekend!

Yesterday I sold TONS of goodies at my local scrapbook garage sale event at Scrapbooks 'n' Stuff. I feel good because I purged a LOT and got rid of some older items and some excess in my scrap room. I can still purge some more, but let's leave that for the next garage sale. LOL!

Do you know what TODAY is??? C'mon, the clue is on the subject line of this post!

It's my Bon Jovi concert day. I've been waiting for this day to come!!! A few months ago, my honey bunny bought me Circleside VIP tickets and I am over the moon happy! I received this awesome VIP package that includes a T-shirt, VIP badge, postcard from Jon Bon Jovi, preferred parking, merchandise gift certificates and more! Plus, I get to be "close" to Jon, Richie and the boys -- well, right next to their stage "circle." Unfortunately for me, this did NOT include a backstage tour and that's the only other thing I could hope for... getting to see Jon and Richie up close and personal and taking a photo with them! Maybe next time (if I win the lotto! LOL!) Anyway, I will be taking my camera so I hope to get some good shots tonight! I'm so giddy! Wish me luck :)

Enabler Alert!
On a totally different note, I discovered this cool Etsy shop (via the Studio Calico message board) and added it to my favorites. It's called Pretty Little Studio and that's exactly what it is... teeheee! They sell the cutest alpha banners, little (and not so little) vintage cards and calendars, themed flashcards, journaling cards and more! Some of the scenes remind me of the cute little Golden Books I read as a kid. Anyway, I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate to the shop and I got to order some adorable items. But they have lots more stuff so here's a peek into their shop...

This week, they have two great offers (and 73 items for sale!) so be sure to visit their site.

FREEBIE! Receive a set of 6 mini (1 1/4") Cupcake Scalloped Circles with any purchase!(through April 25).

FREEBIE #2: Receive a set of Apothecary Calendar Cards ($2.99 value) with a $25 order (through April 25).

I am so ordering one of these banners for my baby's room (when I have a baby that is!). LOVE it!

That's all for today. I have lots to do so I gotta run!

Peace and happy scrapping!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Layouts to share

I hope you had a great weekend!

I enjoyed myself, but the only problem is that I don't want the weekend to end! Yesterday I got to spend some time with my friends Esther, Alma, Ana and Barb and we had a wonderful time as usual! These ladies are the BEST! Barb is such a wonderful hostess and we also inspire each other, talk about personal stuff and I just feel better when I leave. They make me happy! :) I created a couple of layouts and we also made some twisted fabric flowers together. I'll share these with you later in the week...

I also got to spend a beautiful day with my honey bunny today. Lots of cuddling and quality time! You can't beat that!

Here are some layouts I made with the March Cocoa Daisy kit (click on each photo to make it bigger). I used that beautiful Melody Ross GCD Studios paper for a layout about Barb's birthday get together a few months ago.

And here I used more of that same paper and added in some Studio Calico patterned paper. These are photos of Richard's grandma on her birthday...

This is a scrap lift of one of the Daisy Divas (Sue). I loved how she cut out the bird and flowers for this layout!

And lastly, one of my favorites! This is also a scrap lift of a layout created by a Daisy Diva (Kim Watson). I love how this one came out and I added my own handmade flower to the page. I am also lovin' that scallop dot border punch (it beat out apron lace as my new fave)!

Hope you like what I have done this past week! Now I am off to finish up some vacation trip planning and other things before going to bed. Have a lovely week. Be back soon...

Peace and happy scrapping,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Surprise Birthday and Easter

I hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend!

I took Friday off (without my hubby knowing) in order to get ready for his surprise birthday party. I had already invited close family and friends, but I had to wait till the last minute to clean the house, do the groceries, shop for decorations, decorate the house and everything else that goes into planning a big surprise.

Well, we had loads of fun and Richard was so happy that everyone was there when he arrived! I had asked my neighbors if we could use their driveways so the only car in front of the house was mine. Richard did suspect that something was up though, especially since my MIL never even called him for his birthday! He said that he was having a crappy day because nobody called him. Poor thing!

Then on Easter Sunday, we had a barbecue at Titi Mae's house and it was great. I finally got to use my new 50mm lens and play a little so here are some of my favorite photos.

My family played croquet and horseshoes in the great outdoors. My aunt just moved into this house and we love it! It's on a one acre lot.

This is my step dad, Jorge. Doesn't he look great?! His hair is growing back and he's gained weight. Thankfully, he's been done with chemo for four months now and he's feeling well. Notice how he's looking at my completed Puerto Rico scrapbook. Teeheee!

After visiting with my family, we went to my in-laws' house and I got to shoot some more photos.

We really had a great weekend!

I hope you are enjoying your week so far. I've created four layouts with the March Cocoa Daisy kit so I will share those with you later this week...

Peace and happy scrapping,