Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Surprise Birthday and Easter

I hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend!

I took Friday off (without my hubby knowing) in order to get ready for his surprise birthday party. I had already invited close family and friends, but I had to wait till the last minute to clean the house, do the groceries, shop for decorations, decorate the house and everything else that goes into planning a big surprise.

Well, we had loads of fun and Richard was so happy that everyone was there when he arrived! I had asked my neighbors if we could use their driveways so the only car in front of the house was mine. Richard did suspect that something was up though, especially since my MIL never even called him for his birthday! He said that he was having a crappy day because nobody called him. Poor thing!

Then on Easter Sunday, we had a barbecue at Titi Mae's house and it was great. I finally got to use my new 50mm lens and play a little so here are some of my favorite photos.

My family played croquet and horseshoes in the great outdoors. My aunt just moved into this house and we love it! It's on a one acre lot.

This is my step dad, Jorge. Doesn't he look great?! His hair is growing back and he's gained weight. Thankfully, he's been done with chemo for four months now and he's feeling well. Notice how he's looking at my completed Puerto Rico scrapbook. Teeheee!

After visiting with my family, we went to my in-laws' house and I got to shoot some more photos.

We really had a great weekend!

I hope you are enjoying your week so far. I've created four layouts with the March Cocoa Daisy kit so I will share those with you later this week...

Peace and happy scrapping,


Damaris said...

Ohhh. Happy Birthday Richard. Hope the party made up for the beginning of his crappy day...LOL. The pics are great. Can't wait to see what you come up with in the future.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Easter and birthday party. You captured those happy moments real good! :-)

Can't wait what you created with your March kit!

Ady said...

You have great photos. I'll be emailing the ones I took too. Give me a day or so to get them too you. Great Easter photos too. I have two Easter pics. Boooo!!!

Marlene said...

What a nice surpise for your hubby, so super sweet. You guys had a great Easter, love all the pics and Your step dad looks great.

Lou said...

great pictures! looks like you had a wonderful weekend. i'm glad your stepdad is doing better.

Margie said...

Beautiful pics and layouts Vane! Croquet looks like fun to play with family, gonna have to check that out;) About the 50mm, you asked when I use it, as much as possible. Love that lens, harder to use in tight spots cause its a fixed lens but clarity on it is...AWESOME! Sorry I'm so late in posting a comment:( Love ya!

Maritza said...

Happy Belated Birthday!