Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Yippee!!! I got my classes for CKU-Orlando. I cannot believe that just 20 minutes after registration started classes were already booked. I rushed home from Curves and turned my computer on at about 7:55 pm. At 8:02 I was well on my way to registering and I was lucky to get all my classes. Then I called Ady (my BFF) to see if she was registering, too. Poor thing, she was still trying to get home because her grandma's in the hospital. I logged in for her shortly after and quickly picked her classes, but two of them were already unavailable. Luckily, I had the list of classes she was interested in and picked two alternates for her. I was done. It felt like a mini-marathon. It was just 8:27 when I logged back in to double-check that my schedule was correct (paranoid little me) and that's when I noticed that at least nine classes were already booked, including Shooting Through the Ages with Candice Stringham, Flourish with Fancy and Tim Holtz's classes. And now Ali's album workshop is also sold out for Saturday. Whew! I need a Xanax. (kidding, of course!).

So here's the list of classes that I'm taking: Campus crop on Thurs. night; Note Worthy (Making Memories); Paint Outside the Lines with Tim Holtz; Shooting Through the Ages with Candice Stringham; Sketches with Becky Higgins; Flourish with Fancy! (Fancy Pants); and last but certainly not least...A Week of the Life album workshop with Ali Edwards.

I'm totally psyched. How exciting!

Now to another fun scrappy subject...Have you seen It Kit Studio yet? The monthly kit is sold out, but they also have this limited edition project kit that includes eight Amy Butler papers, a nine-inch Tin Star, vintage velvet ribbon, mini pom trim, a variety of fun buttons and full instructions for completing the project. I saw this in the SIS TV gallery and loved it! Now I have one coming my way! :-)


Ady said...
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Ady said...

Sorry, too many typos. I had to delete the message. Thank you for registering me for CKU. I wouldn't have made it in time to get the classes I wanted. Also, can't wait to get the IT project kit. It's going to look so pretty in my scraproom. Thanks so much my BFF...

candice said...

So excited to have you in my class! Orlando is going to be so fun!

Candice stringham