Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So many scrappy projects, so little time!

I have so many projects in the works that I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. This fall, my DH and I are supposed to vacation in Europe and I'm already stressing about all the current projects I've started because I want to finish them before our trip. You see, last year, we took a 16-day vacation to California and I'm still not done scrapping that trip. This is because in 2006 I decided to scrap the entire trip...well, I went crazy and although I'm almost done, it's going to take two albums to fit all of my LO's. Never again! What was I thinking anyway? LOL! During the past year, I've also given up focusing on chronological albums.

This is supposed to be a way to de-stress, a creative outlet, a way to preserve memories and tell stories. Not something else to stress out about. I need to stop and think about why I enjoy scrapbooking so much and just have fun, create art, be inspired, and go with the flow without the undue stress.

I'm taking a completely different approach to scrapbooking now. I will put all of our vacation photos in an album or a photo book, and only scrap a few that really stand out to me...or better yet, make a little album of highlights. I like this plan much better!

I'm liberating myself and I like my new approach sooooo much better! :-)

Happy scrapping!


Ady said...

I know how you feel. I still do want to do my chronological scrapbooking but I don't have time to that and my inspiration pages. Not to mention all those mini projects. AAAhhhh. I need more hours in the day...

Auberta said...

You write very well.