Saturday, October 23, 2010

Six years

Today we celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary and I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed!

He is indeed my soul mate and he makes me happy. I mean, yeah, he gets on my nerves sometimes -- don't all men get on their wives' nerves? LOL! Us women, we're perfect... we never criticize, nag or annoy our husbands. Nah! We're always right. Men just cannot see it. :) Well, I love my honey bunny even when we drive each other crazy and there's nobody else I would rather be with (or annoy!). He's still the one for me, the one I adore, the one I cherish, the one who loves me unconditionally. He has a heart of gold, a silly (and stubborn) personality, a fun and adventurous spirit, and he's always looking to help others -- not to mention he always wants me to be happy!

I love you, Richard, and I am looking forward to spending a lifetime loving you (and driving you crazy as you do me!). Who knows what blessings the next year will bring! You mean so much to me. Forever and always. Te amo.


Anonymous said...

Hapy anniversary, mi wife. Oops I forgot how to spell! ha this anniversary revenge and annoyance time! Hi everyone my wife is an editor so if you want to bug her just misspell a few words and I will heer about! I Love you Vanessa. ;)

Marlene said...

Happy Anniversary, you are a sweetheart Vanessa and he sounds like a great guy, I'm sure God wanted you both together forever. Take good care of each other!

Esther said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!!!!

Ady said...

Happy Anniversary. I'm glad you had a wonderful day together. You should however give him some spell check ideas for future post on your blog. LOL

Nancy W said...

Happy Anniversary! Love seeing my friends happy! Even if it's my blogging friends whom I don't actually hag out with ;) hugs from Conroe, Texas!

Nancy W said...

Dang! I saw the spelling comment, then went back to read mine and saw the misspelling! LOL. *hang

Damaris said...

Happy Anniversary my friend. Te deseo muchos dias de con el amor de tu vida. (may you grow old together).
Love you girlie,

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