Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy October!!!

***NOTE***Please pardon the dust. I am in the midst of a blog makeover so pretty soon you will see the whole thing in all its glory... (Isn't it coming out awesome though? I'm so excited!) But for now, it's a work in progress :)

October is here. The days are getting a bit cooler (okay, at least not as steaming hot as last month!), Halloween is near and fall is in full swing... I just wish I could see the changing leaves! :( It's also my birthday month! Yeah! And so I felt it was okay to do a little online shopping. I visited Ruche and I picked up this blouse:

And this necklace:

And today I wore my lovely, big, beautiful bib necklace from Miss Ruby Sue that I bought after seeing her amazing creations at SPARK. This necklace makes me happy :) (Sorry for the grainy iPhone mirror pictures!)

That's all for today! Be back soon...

Peace and happy scrapping,


Marlene said...

Love your necklace is gorgeous, and the blog is looking great. Can't wait to see the finished look.

Dawn said...

I love that dark necklace. Thanks for sharing it. Also do you have any creative ideas I can use to make cute animal scrapbook pages? I'm drawing blanks.

Caryl Hope said...

Love the new look on your site! Would you mind sharing who did it?

LOVE Ruche! I order my Ollipop accessories with them... great site! :-)

And that necklace is beautiful!

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