Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday Recap!

First of all, thank you so very much for all the well wishes on my birthday! I really appreciate it. It meant a lot to me :)

As you probably gathered from my last post, I started out the day very sad... in fact, my wonderful hubby went out and brought back these beautiful flowers for me and I broke down and started crying! He couldn't understand why and that's when (in between sobs) I explained that I miss my Mami and my Mom and I so wish they were still here to celebrate another year of my life... it just always gets to me, especially on special days like this! :(

I told my family and BFF's that I wanted to go to my favorite restaurant, CVI.CHE 105 in Downtown Miami. I had already introduced most of them to this wonderful Peruvian place, but for a few, it was their first time and I think they're hooked! LOL! We had a group of 12 and we ate -- a lot! It was all about the food! YUM!

I spent a wonderful evening with family... here's my step dad and I (doesn't he look great? I am so happy that he has done so well after chemo and all!) I love him so much!

And these are my sweet aunts (my Mom's sisters), who hold a part of my heart!

My BFF and her hubby -- so lucky to have them in our lives!!!

My awesome honey bunny who made my birthday very special indeed!

I also opened some presents :) I received everything on my wish list... My mother-in-law bought me the 7Gypsies photo carousel. My honey got me LOTS of goodies, including a Ruche gift certificate and some milk glass planters I wanted. Here I am with my fab new Fuji Instax mini camera from my BFF -- love it!!!

There are so many other photos, but I just included a few here for you to see...

I am a lucky girl and I am truly BLESSED...

I'll be back soon with my finished Halloween banner!!!


Maritza said...

Yes, lucky and blessed. Great post. Happy birthday again.

Suzanne said...

It looks like you had such an amazing day!! Truly blessed to spend the evening with friends, and family!
Fabulous food, and presents!!! Lucky gal!
Looking forward to your Halloween Banner(:

Nancy W said...

What a wonderful day and evening you had!! hugs spark sister!!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Awe it looks like you had such a wonderful birthday with family and friends! Can't wait to hear more about that camera! Should I have it on my Christmas list?

Ady said...

I loved the restaurant. The food was delicious. Were looking forward to going again when Jorge gets back. I loved all your presents too, fabulous stuff.

Damaris said...

So glad you had a good time girl. I only wish you lots of joy and great things for your life.
Te quiero y me quedo corta!!

Marlene said...

Happy birthday girl, what a fun day you had with your love onces. I agree with you, that's my fav resturant too, I love going down town now.

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