Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A wedding, a BBQ and Jenny Craig!

Hi my friends!!!

I know that I have not blogged much these past couple of weeks, but I've been very busy... lots going on... 10+ hour workdays and deadlines galore! I have no mojo these days, so not much scrapping going on.

On the plus side, my hubby's cousin Tommy and Natalie got married this past Saturday and it was a simple and beautiful wedding. The bride looked stunning and they were both so full of love and just glowing with happiness! This day was long overdue. If you recall, in April I blogged about their twin boys who passed away when Natalie was seven months pregnant. It was so sad and unexpected. Click here to read that post. These types of things can tear a couple apart, but this tragedy and loss actually brought them even closer together. They're on a Caribbean honeymoon cruise right now and I wish them the very best!!! Here are some pics of the gorgeous couple and our family:

The following day we had the "Santamaria End of Summer BBQ Extravaganza." That's what Richard wanted to call it. LOL! Well, it was tons of fun and a huge success!!! Here are some pics of our family and friends at my in-laws' house for the barbecue (I think we should make this a tradition).

Lastly, in between all the stuff that's been going on, I joined Jenny Craig over a week ago and I am happy to report that it's going well and that I love the food! The quality and taste of their meals is impressive. It was a little difficult to get used to eating five times a day, but I'm doing it... I also have had to get used to eating a TON of veggies and fruits, but I am doing it. I've only lost three pounds so far, but it's a start and I plan to stick to it for some time and, eventually, lose a whole lot more so I can get ready to have a baby (God willing! Whoohoo!)... Scary, but thrilling at the same time...

Hope you've enjoyed all these pics... I'll post some scrappy stuff later in the week. Peace to you and happy scrapping!


Ady said...

I'm so happy for you... Keep up the good work. We had a great time on Sunday... Can't wait to scrap again.

Maritza said...

Beautiful pics. Good luck with Jenny C. I hear its a great program.

laverneboese said...

Congrats on the weight loss and the decision to have a little one!!!

Damaris said...

Hey my friend. I'm cheering you on!!! GO VANE! GO VANE!!! It's a new day. Love the PICS!!! The Santa Maria BBQ was fantastic. Great friends, fantastic food. Lovely athmosphere...what else could a girl ask for? I still think that bar could be turned into a tremendouse scrap area..LOL.

~Nancy~ said...

Looks like so much fun! Gorgeous pictures girlie!!!! And congrats on the weight loss! YAY YOU!