Sunday, May 6, 2007

Why do I scrapbook?

After reading some emails and surfing scrapbook websites, I was just asking myself, "Why do I scrapbook?" Well, in case you're interested, this is why...

It is therapeutic for me. It allows me to relax and unwind. It is my creative outlet. Because our lives are filled with so many memories that were meant to be preserved. Because I am the family historian and I want my family and friends to be remembered. I want my future children to know who I am, what their daddy is like, what drives us, what we're passionate about and how much we will love them. It makes me think happy thoughts and takes away any sadness in my life. My scrapbook room is my HAPPY ROOM. I also love just simply looking at my stash of paper and ribbon and stamps and rub-ons and all else and loving what I see. I love the smell of paper as much as I love it when I'm handed a new magazine or book that's just been printed. Vibrant colors and inks make me happy and I'm always thinking of layouts in my mind while looking at cool patterns and details in my everyday's just too bad I don't have time to scrapbook it all, but in my mind, I have probably created thousands of layouts! I think that scrapbooking, in a way, defines who I am simply because I scrapbook about things that I love, care about, wish for and dream about. Because I cherish my surroundings and I embrace the love that I feel everyday. I scrap to create, to celebrate and because it's just plain cool. Oh, and because I love to shop and add to my stash. Simply put, scrapbooking makes me happy.

I think I'll do a layout about this...inspired by "clean and simple scrapbooking, the sequel" by Cathy Zielske. I just LOVE her. If you haven't seen this book, go check it out! Here's a picture of me with my copy of the book at the end of a looooong day at the Scrapbook Expo in Orlando this past March. Yayi, Damaris and I had an absolute blast!

Peace to all and happy scrapping!