Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm back!!

Wow, I hadn't realized how long it's been since my last post... I've been asked if all is well and the answer is YES!! Although I was really sick for a week (food poisoning and gastroenteritis) the week after I returned from Savannah, I am doing very well now. Then I had to get caught up at work, plus my pregnancy doesn't leave me with much energy in the evenings... and weekends? well, we've been out and about, planning home improvements (indoor and outdoor) and clearing out the guest room to get the baby's room ready. LOTS going on!!

And I only have THREE MONTHS left!!! Time flies, I tell ya! This weekend, I begin my 28th week and that means the start of my seventh month of pregnancy - the last trimester!! She's been moving a lot lately. She's very active, which I love, but she sometimes surprises me with a swift kick...or two...or three! LOL! I told Richard she's gonna be a maniac with his personality - ha! I guess I can be quite feisty, too! Teehee!

Speaking of Richard, today is his 41st birthday!!! He's thrilled to finally be getting ready to be a daddy and I know he will do great! I cannot believe we will be married 7 years this October. It doesn't seem that long at all. I love my Grumpy Smurf with all my heart!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Now let's talk about the nursery. I have been researching and changing my mind all the time, but I finally see it all coming together and I love how I'm imagining it will be. :)

We purchased this white Kendall crib from Pottery Barn Kids (it was on back-order so we wanted to be sure it got here when we needed it). The white at PB is not white - it's a creamy vanilla color but I like it!

This is the quilt I have picked out from Land of Nod. Click on the link to see the complete crib bedding ensemble.

I just found this rug at West Elm and I think it's perfect. I want to get it in 5x8:

I fell in LOVE with this pink butterfly mobile when my BFF and I visited the Pottery Barn Kids store in Merrick Park and I just know that my baby will love it! Hee!! I plan to hang it above the dresser/changing station so she can look at it while she gets a diaper change :)

I'm still debating on a side table to place next to the glider/rocker and so far this round flower table is the one I like... I was thinking pink at first but now I think the white will work best in the room... what do you think?

I had placed a chocolate brown rocker on my Land of Nod registry, but I was still looking at other options and then I saw this AWESOME nursery chair from Target that Kelly Rae posted on her blog and I think I am SOLD!! Hee! I love the vintage feel it has and it's chocolate/vanilla, which will match the existing wood blinds on the windows and the new wood floors we hope to install before our baby comes!

You can see all my registry items linked on the left side of my blog. If you're a mommy and you think I missed something, please let me know!! I'm new at this! Teehee! :)

Have a beautiful weekend!! I promise to post a baby bump picture next...


Maritza said...

So happy for the update. I love all your choices. Gosh I remember just a few months ago, us talking about your dream nursery and I remember you mentioning lots of pink and butterflies. AWESOME! BEAR HUG to you and a happy birthday to Richard.

Damaris said...

My goodness Vane, I can not believe how quickly the time has gone by...CRAZY. I am so happy you are doing well...I Can NOT wait to SEE all the goodies put together...what the heck...who am I kidding...I can't wait to see the PRINCESS!!!!

Ady said...

I love all your choices. I can't wait for the showers and it gets all put together. Her room is going to be amazingly beautiful.

Maritza said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I see that you are the winner at Stephanie Howell's blog. Blog it.