Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Belated EASTER!!!!

Hi my friends :)

It's been tough keeping up with the blog these days... I do have LOTS to share, but there's so much going on that it just consumes me. But I am still here and I will try to post more often as things calm down a little (or maybe get even more crazy - LOL!)

I was REALLY sick for two weeks. I ended up with a bad upper respiratory infection and asthma so my hubby had to take me to the hospital two weekends ago. Thankfully, they checked the baby in the maternity ward and all was well so they sent me down to the ER for treatment. I was given an aerosol treatment and put on antibiotics and some inhalers to help me breathe better and to help with the chest and nasal congestion. It was awful! :(

A visit to my OB/GYN to confirm that the meds were fine and then an emergency referral to a pulmonologist then followed... and then another visit... and now I am done with meds and the baby is doing well (thank GOD!!)

I was out of work for a while, which didn't help matters... and during all of this, we had people all over our home working on the pool, the backyard fence and installing hardwood floors in the bedrooms. YIKES!!! I am grateful that we were able to do all this work before the baby comes, but so glad it's finally over! I want my peaceful, CLEAN home back — not to mention my privacy! Teehee!

Last weekend, I visited with my lovely scrappy friends and little did I know what they had up their sleeves!!! :) Since most of them are unable to make it to my shower because they are going on a scrapbooking retreat, they planned a surprise shower for me complete with yummy food, donuts, cake and presents — not to mention the sweetest group of ladies!! We had a great time!!! THANK YOU to Barb, Esther, Lou, Alma, Ana and Wallie for doing this!! It really means a lot to me!!

I'll leave you with some photos from Easter Sunday at my in-laws' house. We had a nice time with family and friends and I even sported my bunny ears :)

Here's a baby bump pic of me at 31 weeks... It's all becoming very REAL for me now... wow...



Nancy W said...

Sorry you got sick! You look adorable!! Hugs!!

Sharon said...

So glad you are feeling better and the baby is ok. Take care!

Ady said...

Glad your feeling better. I can't wait until tomorrow...