Monday, February 28, 2011

Just back from vacation :)

And it was awesome!!! Just wished we had more time, but isn't that always the case?! Hee!

We were gone for 9 days. We started off by driving to Mount Dora, FL on Feb 18 for our annual weekend getaway to the Renninger's Antique Extravaganza. We were there Sat and Sun and we found a few good buys (it's basically a HUGE flea market). We love going there and although it was hot this year, we walked a LOT and don't forget that I am five months pregnant! Richard was like, "Aren't you tired yet?" LOL!

R actually bought our baby girl her first gift from daddy :) It's a little skunk figurine... it's quite special, you see. There is a significance to the skunk, as it reminds R of the time he spent living in Philly and his cousin who passed away and the little butterfly reminded him of me and the baby because I LOVE butterflies. Skunks are not easy to come by so this was a great find!! So happy to put it in her room.

We then drove 7 hours to Atlanta, GA to take care of some personal business. We (okay, Richard, not me) worked on our house there, painted and fixed a few things so it's now brand new and in move-in condition for the renter/buyer.

To my credit, I went to Home Depot TWICE and to the paint store and bought R everything he needed and I hate Home Depot! And I supervised his work :) The second day I rewarded myself with a trip to Archiver's, where I bought some new Echo Park For the Record paper, a white shadowbox frame, a pink AC album for baby layouts and some other goodies. In the evening we went to our ALL-TIME FAVE restaurant, McKinnon's Louisiane Cuisine (TWICE). Yum!!! I so wish this place was in Miami - or maybe not! The owner, Aziz, always remembers us when we stop by and it's such a treat to dine there. If you are ever in the Atlanta area, this is a must!!

On Wed morning, we headed to Savannah (YIPPEE!!), a four-hour drive from Atlanta. What can I say? Our four days there were magnificent. We stayed at the Mansion on Forsyth Park. We walked around the historic district, taking in all the picturesque squares and the natural beauty all around us.

We walked a lot, explored the city, dined at some delicious restaurants, took a trolley ride, hopped on a riverboat cruise, took a ghost tour, shopped, ate some more, you name it!

Here you can see a LITTLE bit of my baby belly - I'm definitely getting pretty BIG now and fast! I am 23 weeks along and I am starting to feel her move around a lot more... what an amazing experience!

Savannah is such a treasure. It's got this fun, artsy vibe, but it's also full of history and culture and southern charm. LOVED it!

We also got to stay in a restored house that was amazingly beautiful and comfortable. And it was in the heart of the historic district.

Before heading to Miami, we stopped at Tybee Island yesterday. It was a beautiful day, but the beach was packed with both locals and visitors so we didn't stay long.

I know we will definitely be back to Savannah, with a baby stroller :)

Have a great week!!!


Maritza said...

WOW great post. Awesome pictures. You look beautiful.

Stephanie Howell said...

SO glad you had fun..glad i could help. you sure picked a beautiful week to come! and thank goodness you are all better now. xo

Damaris said...

So glad you had a good time my friend. The pics are fantastic. Can' wait to see what you come up with when you scrap them.

Anonymous said...
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Ady said...

You have so many beautiful pictures. what to do, what to do!!!I'm so happy you bought cute stuff for the baby...

maybe said...

I'm appreciate your writing style.Please keep on working hard.^^

Sharon said...

So happy you had a great vacation, you deserve it. You got some great pictures too. Yippee!

petal said...

Nice blog(: