Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pregger's Brain: it DOES exist!

It's been a crazy week!! We had to pack up our home last weekend so it could be tented for termites — oh yeah, that's one of the joys of living in the Sunshine State. You can get termites and then you need to treat the house. We opted to use Terminix instead of Orkin because we liked their service guarantee better and the rep was a nice, professional, knowledgeable guy (unlike the Orkin guy who was annoying and didn't even go inside of our attic to do a proper inspection!) who let me ask all the questions I wanted to. Trust me, you don't want to mess with a crazy Puerto Rican pregnant woman when she is worried about her baby's health and the security of her home while away. LOL!

Well, thankfully the treatment is over and my hubby has been back home getting things in order and airing everything out before I go back today. My honey bunny is such a wonderful man!!! He worries about me and takes good care of me and our little baby :)

In the midst of all this, I showed up for my monthly doctor's appointment and the receptionist couldn't find me in the system... She asked for my name again, my date of birth... nothing. I thought to myself, "That is so strange. I come here ALL the time. What is wrong with this woman?" I mean, of course my appointment is TODAY! Then she says she has me down for an appointment the following day... Really?! No, that's not right. I look for my little appointment card... then I find it!!! OOOPS!!! She was right. I totally messed up the days. I felt like an idiot, the hormones kicked into high gear and I started crying. I told her I'd be back the next day, but she offered to check with the nurse to see if my doctor could see me anyway. And my doctor did see me :) And I cried again when the doctor was doing my check-up even though there was no reason to cry. My doc was like, "Are you crying? Oh my, let me find you some tissues."

The nurse was very understanding and said that since I'm pregnant things like this are completely normal. But I have never been scatterbrained!! Heee!!! To make this even funnier, I actually had the correct appointment date on my planner and on my work calendar.

So yeah — pregger's brain is no myth ladies!!! I have more examples of this... I forget people's names, confuse myself, ask silly questions, you name it! As I am only 19.5 weeks, I am sure I will experience more of this during the second half of my pregnancy.

Have a wonderful day!


Maritza said...

You are so cute and funny. God bless you. Can't wait to see a prego pic.

Caryl Hope said...

I'm laughing while reading your post... I'm sorry but i couldn't help it. You are wonderfully pregnant.

I remember crying a lot at a drop of a hat when i was preggy... and i remember clearly that i was clumsy. I was at a store and picked up this ceramic fridge magnet, well, next thing i know the item was on the floor broken. And in Singapore, if you break it, you buy it. So i cried telling my hubby i bought a broken thing... at least it was cute. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend dear friend! Hugs!!! Lots & lots!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah, - Pregger's Brain is REAL! I can attest to that with both of my kids - and I'll give you something positive to remind yourself... the more things you forget while pregnant - the smarter your child will be! LOL...
Miss You!

Ady said...

What a great post... Don't worry about it, just enjoy being pregnant and having R spoil you. I'm so excited, I feel like it's my baby too.

Damaris said...

Hee,hee,hee. THE PREGGER'S BRAIN SYNDROME....It's all good. It looks adorable when we are once that is done...we look like idiots..LOL
You have cracked me up today. Just know you are a smart, intelligent, amazing woman who is going through some amazing body's a miracle we get our bodies, spirits and minds back girlie!!! LOL
Love you mucho,

Sharon said...

Oh I had to laugh (sorry), because I remembered my share of craziness lol It doesn't come back right away, but everything goes back to normal...eventually LOL
Enjoy this time. I was too sick to enjoy my time.