Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Week in Review

I spent last weekend by myself because Richard was in Ohio visiting his sister. As I mentioned in my previous post, her boyfriend/partner has brain cancer and it's pretty serious. It sounds like his prognosis is somewhat grim -- although every case is always different and with cancer you just never know. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Anyway, before heading to the airport to pick up my hubby, I picked up Jorge and took him to a nice Father's Day dinner at one of our "new" favorite restaurants, CVI.CHE 105 in Downtown Miami.

YUM! He and I had a great time together and we enjoyed talking and sharing some very good food. It was perfect. We had lots of Peruvian specialties and these two were our dessert plates... (note that if you haven't been there you must go! It's fresh, delicious food at reasonable prices!)

After a week filled with long workdays and the usual stress, this weekend started with us going bike shopping. Hubby wanted to upgrade my "cheap" Target bicycle since I complain that it's too uncomfortable to ever ride it :)

Of course, I saw this comfy baby right here and said, "I want that one!" LOL! To which my hubby replied, "I don't think so!" Teehee! Check out my iPhone pics...

I enjoyed playing, I mean, test riding a couple of bikes before giving in to my hubby's choice of best bike for the wife...


Here's Richard trying it out after I made the bike guy lower the seat and adjust the handle bars and everything else so that it was to my liking :) This is my new Trek bike! It's not a cool color but it will do. The seat is big and comfy though and that is what's important!

Then I was off to get a mani-pedi, followed by dinner and a movie at home with one of our friends...

Today we went on our usual Sunday exercise walk (which will soon incorporate bike riding!) in Key Biscayne... It was HOT, but it was nice :)

This afternoon we visited my sister-in-law at the convent where she lives... it was bittersweet as always. It's wonderful to see her, but so sad to see her in this order she has chosen where we can only visit her through bars and never ever spend "quality" time with her. I miss her vivacious, free spirit! And I just haven't been able to accept this lifestyle. I don't mind that she wants to be a nun because that is a Godly thing to do, but why a Carmelite nun? Another iPhone pic...

After a Puerto Rican dinner of mofongo with my in-laws, we headed home... Tired, but feeling blessed to have each other and to have our family and friends.

Tomorrow is the start of a new, stressful week at work... but next weekend is a nice looong weekend! I can't wait! :)

This week I'll be sharing some NEW layouts with the Jenni Bowlin PLAY DATE collection so stay tuned... I have 6 LO's done. I just haven't had a chance to take photos yet...

Peace and happy scrapping!


Ady said...

I'll take the first bike too... I don't need to be fashionable. I just want to be comfy while exercising. Your bike looks beautiful even in white.

Maritza said...

Looks like a good bike for the butt. Great post.

Damaris said...

Glad you are having fun chickee. I like the white bike. Looks very virginal..hee,hee,hee.