Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reno/Lake Tahoe/Virginia City Photo Overload!

Hi my friends!

My work conference was great and it just so happens that Richard was also attending a conference four hours away in San Francisco. He drove up to meet me in Reno and we spent a wonderful weekend together sightseeing. We had so much fun! I have TONS of photos, but I will just share a few of my faves here with you...

The weather was beautiful... low 40's and 50's at night and 70's during the day. Of course, the higher the elevation the cooler it got. And there was still lots of snow in Lake Tahoe and in nearby Squaw Valley.

First, we drove around the entire Lake Tahoe. It was majestic! The first time I visited was in August, so it was great to visit again in May and still see so many snow-capped mountains. Wow.

Funny story: I got out of the car and walked a ways in this wooded area up to this pile of snow, but I kept telling Richard to hurry because I was scared a bear would be nearby! He laughed at me, but then it turns out we saw bear tracks, bear poop (with fur in it! eek!) and even tree trunks that bears had clawed into... so I guess my bear theory wasn't that crazy after all!

We even went sailing on a catamaran on Lake Tahoe :)

We also visited Virginia City (I visited first with my conference group and then returned with Richard), a historic town where many made their fortune in Comstock mining. It still maintains that Old West charm. I got to ride on a restored steam railroad train, saw wild Mustangs, and even entered a real mine for a tour.

At night, we drove to Downtown Reno...

I loved Squaw Valley -- it was full of snow! :) This was actually the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

I hope you enjoyed our photos! I had been meaning to post these, but it's been a crazy exhausting week ever since we got back... I cannot wait to scrap these. Teeheee!

Peace and happy scrapping!


Marlene said...

OMG Vanessa, what fun you guys had! I love all your picture. Never been, but now I want to go. Can't wait to see your LO on this trip.

Maritza said...

Such beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love the bear story. I can just imagine the two of you... Heee... and the photos are great. I can't wait to see these in your layouts too. :-)


Ady said...

Great photos... You will definitely be one busy girl...

Anonymous said...

these photos are amazing! looks like you were really able to enjoy yourself!
Miss you...

Damaris said...

Your pics ARE GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS!! So glad you had a nice time.