Sunday, February 17, 2008

I love scrapbooking!!!

Hi my friends,

I have been so sick this past week that I haven't left the house except to go to work a couple of days, but yesterday I had to get up and get my butt outta the house to celebrate my wonderful friend Damaris's birthday and oh, what fun we had.

She got tons of birthday goodies from friends and family. I got her an autographed copy of Kristina Contes's book, "We Dare You," (which I see is already sold out!) along with lots of other delicious stuff. I got to see some old friends and meet new ones, too! I finally met Dayami, one of our online scrappy friends who also lives here in Miami, and she was a blast! It was so great to meet you IRL, girlie! I can't wait to get together one of these days!

I would share photos with you, but I don't have any yet because I forgot my camera and I'm waiting for my BFF to burn her pics on a CD for me. In the meantime, check out the video that Dayami shot by clicking here.

I also want to share a layout I made a few days ago based on Anilu's Pencil Lines Sketch. Love that I used so many photos and yet it looks so clean and simple! :-) I used KC's Label Love collection from SIS TV.

I really love scrapbooking!!! I have met such amazing women through this craft and I hope that our friendships continue to grow and blossom.

I'm going to get some rest now cause I woke up today feeling worse than ever! Yuck!

Peace and happy scrapping!


Dayami said...

Hi girl!!! It was so awesome to met you irl too. You are very sweet...well, all the girls are awesome.
I did buy the book last night from that cocoa place you told me about and I received my confirmation already, it ships in 2-3 days, WOOHOO!!!! I really love that book!! I think I will lift every single page in there.
Also, I used the TimHoltz mat! OMG, I know what you mean now, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I will blog about it later.

ps ask Damaris for my ph# & email, I forgot to do that ;(

Mika said...

Hai, Hope you feel better right now. Hang on this week.The party sounds like you had fun. Mika (

Ady said...

I had a great time too and my creative juices are still flowing. I love your pencil lines sketch and it really looks great with the paper that I haven't been able to use... I'll give you picks soon...

Damaris said...

Hey my friend:
Glad that you made it and had a good time. I love your layout! Very nice. I hope you feel better soon, because it really stinks when you are under the weather.

Trish said...

I'm so glad you all had such fun! I have been reading all your blogs tonight, wishing I wasn't sick, and able to scrap with you all in a virtual world...ha! Sounds like you had a blast, and I was with you in spirit! Hugs to you, and adorable layout, BTW!