Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I usually love Valentine's Day, but today I am sick with a bad chest cold (I just got out of bed) and my honey left town this morning. He went camping near Naples with one of his best friends. I told him to go because we were supposed to celebrate Valentine's early, but we had to postpone it instead. So next weekend is our Valentine's celebration! I can't wait! (Actually, now that I think about it, I was sick on our very first V-Day also! How romantic!)

Anyway, I was inspired by Anilu's post today so I've decided to share a couple of my wedding photos with you. I cannot believe that this year will mark our fourth wedding anniversary! Time flies when you're having fun...


Balou said...

Okay, you're gorgeous on an everyday basis, but as a bride? Holy Crap, woman!! You were just STUNNING! What beautiful pictures of you two.

Dayami said...

OMG!!! Vanessa, you looked gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am LOVING that Ali Edward album thingy you have going on.
It was a real pleasure to finally meet you and I hope we can continue to get together.
ps I am looking for the book!!! I dont know where I put the little box with the email address!!! You need to give it to me again.

Ady said...

I love those photos. Hope you feel better soon.