Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ali Edwards, here I come!

Guess what???? Tomorrow, my BFF and I are driving up to Orlando to see Ali Edwards. OK, that's not all that we're doing, but that's all I can think about right now. We're heading to CKU to take photography and scrapbooking classes with Becky Higgins, Tim Holtz, Candice Stringham, etc. and to create an album project with the one and only Ali Edwards. I'm so excited... I can use a break from work right about now (even if I'm worried sick about what's going to happen to the books while I'm gone! Yikes!)

Changing the subject, I went to Macy's last night to buy some makeup that I needed from MAC and Clinique. To my surprise, Clinique had a free gift with purchase and I LOVE it. This bag is awesome... and it's my favorite color.

One more thing. Check out the mini album I created a couple of weeks ago celebrating my scrappy friends Ady, Damaris, Rena, Anilu, Barb, Esther, Lou and Ivette.

Click here to view my entire album

Did I mention I'm going to CKU tomorrow and meeting Ali Edwards???? Oh, yeah, I forgot! LOL!

Peace and happy scrapping!

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Anonymous said...

have a GREAT time - and enjoy - you need the break! I love the scrappy pal album and I'm HONORED to have made it in there!!! Can't wait to get together with you - soon..... let me know when!
talk to you soon!