Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching the sunrise

We had our very FIRST family outing this morning. Teehee!! So exciting! Since we don't really want to expose our little one to the "outside" world till she gets her vaccines, we are careful when planning our outings. Plus, the Miami heat (mid-90's or more) keeps us inside way more than we would like!

What to do? Get up at 4:45 am and get everything ready to head out to Miami Beach and watch the sunrise, of course!

This was my darling hubby's crazy idea and I LOVED it! We can all go out, avoid the crowds, enjoy cooler temps and have some fun together! It was the perfect solution! Whoohoo!

It was lots of fun to be able to head out together as a family since we have only been to the pediatrician's office up to this point.

The sunrise views were beautiful and the weather was still nice (although it got up to 85 degrees by 8 am!). Afterward, we fed the baby in the car, drove down Ocean Drive and then caught breakfast close to home.

It was perfect!! And although our little one-month-old princess slept through most of it, I think she enjoyed it, too!!

Now what to do next weekend? Hmmm... If you have any baby-friendly outing (or vacation) ideas, please share!


Maritza said...

I love it.

Monica said...

Just precious! Sounds like you had a wonderful morning:)

AnilĂș Magloire said...

What an amazing idea! I wanna do that too. Lovely pictures :-)

Sharon said...

Aww so nice!

Renee said...

Lovely pics....thank you for sharing!