Sunday, June 19, 2011

39 weeks... and Grace is almost here!!!

Thank you so much to you lovely ladies for your beautiful, funny and supportive comments on my last post. Just a couple of days after I posted that, this *woman* who's a friend of my mother-in-law's comes up to me at work and says things like, "OMG! You're so huge!! That baby must be too big!" When I told her the baby is just fine in size, thank you. She responds, "Well you should hold back on eating too much and watch what you are consuming...." To say I held back is a major UNDERSTATEMENT. I just walked away and said BITCH under my breath!! I was so angry she practically brought me to tears. It's hard to control your emotions when you're ultra sensitive and hormonal. The nerve of some people!

Anyway, enough about that!

I wanted to share with you two of our maternity photo shoot images that my talented and all-around awesome friend and photographer, Margie Bonilla, shot back in May. If you are in South Florida, look her up people cause she rocks. (Click on her name for a direct link to her blog.)

I'll leave you with a letter that I wrote my baby girl, which I will be putting in her album...

Letter to Gracie

Today is June 16, 2011 and I cannot believe you are almost here! I’m so excited to finally meet you after all the squirming you’ve been doing inside my belly. I love feeling you move around because that’s how I know you’re doing well. I won’t lie – it does get rather uncomfortable at times and it even hurts when you kick me hard, but I wouldn’t want it any other way my sweet Gracie Girl…. Yep, that’s the nickname I’ve given you. I’m sure you will get many other nicknames later on. When you start moving around, there’s a song that comes to mind… “There She Goes” by Sixpence None the Richer. Don’t ask me why! It just popped into my head one day and it stuck.

I pray for you almost every day and ask God to keep you healthy and strong and that the delivery goes well.

We’ve been working hard to prepare the house for you so I hope you will enjoy living here and have lots of fun in your beautiful room.

I want you to know how very much your Daddy and I love you and how badly we wanted to become parents. You have made our dream a reality and you will surely fill our lives with even more blessings and our hearts will know a new love like no other. Just know that Daddy and I are pretty silly and you may have to get used to us being crazy kids, too!

Gracie Girl, always remember to love deeply, be kind to others, cherish the everyday and chase after your dreams. Finish school, go to college, word hard and success will be yours. You can do anything that you set your mind to – don’t ever forget that!

I wish that Mami and my Mom were here to meet you – you would have LOVED them and they would have spoiled you rotten! I know that they are watching over us, but I miss them so much and wish they were here to share this experience with me and guide me through it all. Sometimes I get scared that I won’t know how to take care of you or how to protect you, but somehow I know that God and my little guardian angels will help me figure it out… one day at a time.

I love you very much already!

Vanessa (AKA Mom)


AnilĂș Magloire said...

OK, I cry every time I read your blog now...
She is going to LOVE that letter and your pics are so sweet.
I cannot wait to meet Gracie too.
Kisses and hugs :-)

Nancy W said...

This is so beautiful Vanessa! So excited for you and if you can hold off for one more day Gracie and I could share a birthday ;) hehe Can't wait to meet Gracie via your blog. hugs sweet Spark Sister you are going to make an amazing mom!

Ana, Miami said...

wow my friend
that will be a letter that the day she reads it she will never let it go an dit read a trillion times. Tears run down my face an dgoose bumps thru out , inspiration to those even beyond your daughter, the world.

i love you and know thiings will come to you on the day to day life.

god bless you all !!!!

ana g