Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Banner | Photographer's Workshop

Hi my friends,

Sorry I've been missing in action! It's been a bit crazy lately and I have been wanting to blog but life gets in the way. I'm sure you can relate. :)

Anyhow, there's sooooooo much I want to share, but in order to NOT overwhelm you, I will just pick TWO things for today. Gee, how considerate of me! Teehee!

So this morning I finished my beautiful Spring banner project from Studio Calico. I bought this add-on kit and I think they still have some left in case you want one! I'm such an enabler!

After pondering (and pondering some more) about what to do with my banner, I finally decided against using photos of people and instead I opted to use destination shots from my unforgettable trip to my island of enchantment, Puerto Rico. That way, I could keep this banner for a long time and it won't seem dated after a while. Also, it's a reminder of a place that I will always hold close to my heart (even if I'm a Miami girl now).

I found LOTS of great ideas on the Studio Calico website, but in the end I loved what Celine Navarro did so I used hers as my inspiration. I mean, that girl is super talented. If only she could bottle up an ounce of her creativity, I'd buy it for sure! LOL!

Here's my completed Spring banner (sorry for the bad photos, but it was difficult to photograph) For the iron-ons, I used photos of my childhood home, El Morro and Flamenco Beach. I also incorporated Davinie Fiero's misting idea for the edges of the pennants (using a border punch) because I loved that detail and wanted to use it somehow.

Did you notice that I made a cute little twisted fabric flower on the fifth pennant? In the end, the banner made its home in my bedroom and it's hanging from my dresser mirror.

Since I was so inspired to keep sewing (hand stitching that is! My sewing machine and I had a little spat last night and we haven't made up yet! It might take a while...), I found a tutorial here (thanks to Trish from Work in Progress for sharing the link) and I made this cute little flower using five different patterns of fabric. Isn't it cute? It's perfect for a layout or a mini album cover.

This Monday, I begin my Photographer's Workshop with Karen Russell and I am REALLY excited! :) I received this beautiful binder and a personal note from Karen (sure makes me feel special). I bought my recommended 50mm lens a couple of weeks ago and I am now ready to learn all about photography... yippee!

If you've taken the class, please let me know how it went!

I have lots more to share, including my completed 2009 Puerto Rico vacation album and more layouts, but I'll save it for a later post!

Have a wonderful weekend! My honey bunny returned from a work trip to Philly last night so we're heading out soon for some quality time together :)

Peace and happy scrapping,


Davinie Fiero said...

I adore your banner and that fabric flower is fabulous! Thank you for directing me here!

Ady said...

Your banner is so beautiful.. I love it. I can't wait to play with my banner. So much inspiration. I'll see you in class on Monday... I'm so excited.

Marlene said...

Love your banner Vanessa, se very pretty and I love your PR pics. I'm so happy for you, can't wait for you to show us what your learn in photography class.

Maritza said...

Awesome banner. Great choice using PR pics. That kit is beautiful.

Margie said...

Okay, I called you by mistake but, I'm leaving a comment on purpose;) Love the banner! So excited for you and Ady on the photography class! Yay! And the 50mm lens...THE BEST LENS EVER! Nifty fifty baby! Can't wait to see more of your stuff. Love ya!

Shannon Joy said...

Very cute banner!!! I'm auditing the class but took the full participation class last fall. Saying that you will learn a ton and love it is an understatement :).

Anonymous said...

I just don't know when you find the time to do such beautiful stuff...whether it's 'old fashioned' scrapbooking, sewing flower petals, banners... you are always trying something new! I'm jealous!! I hope we can connect one of these days (sooner than later) and maybe you'll share some of your new-found photography skills!!
Miss you...

cindy said...

Great Banner. Love that last flower in this post. Great job.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

love the banner, love that flower and oh how I love Karen Russell!

lawrenbc said...

i love that flower! i think i might have to try that!