Monday, February 22, 2010

I {heart} Mount Dora!

We had a wonderful weekend in Mount Dora... We got back at around 11 pm last night. I have LOTS of photos, but I am just going to show you a few. Just like last year, we stayed at the Mission Inn Resort & Club in the middle of a little old town called Howie-in-the-Hills. I really like this resort because it's nestled among picturesque golf courses and beautiful lakes. It's about a 30-minute drive from Mount Dora, where we spent much of our time.

On Saturday, we attended the Renninger's Antique Extravaganza. Then we took a stroll in historic downtown Mount Dora, had dinner at the best restaurant in town and watched the sunset over Lake Dora while listening to a guy playing bag pipes. We got some awesome sunset pictures! It was a perfect day!

On Sunday, we returned to Renninger's, then we went to the Antique Mall and drove through Mount Dora and Eustis before heading home.

I found a few goodies over the weekend and the best part is that I didn't pay full price for anything! I negotiated everything down in price and I got lots of bargains. :)

Look at that gorgeous green scallop trim! I also got a vintage frog flower holder, different types of milkcaps, lace trim, cute little fabric flowers, folding ruler and more.

I bought a few little Ziploc bags full of buttons in different colors and I put them inside a pretty milk glass candy jar.

Here's an old peanut butter jar with a handle, which by the way is rare, and another large jar. These jars are actually quite expensive, but I got them for more than half off. I have two others in my scrap room that my BFF got me on eBay. Love them!

And my favorite little milk glass bowl with really cool vintage buttons (don't they remind you of the new Jenni Bowlin buttons?). They make me happy!

I can't wait till next time! The cool thing is that most of the vendors set up their goods in the same place every time so once you get to know the sellers, it's easy to find the same vendor again.

Have a wonderful week!

Peace and happy scrapping!


Maritza said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. What a great post. I love love all the pictures and OMG on the goodies; better than chocolate.

Anilu Magloire said...

Great vintage finds! You gotta take me there as soon as I'm back home :)

Damaris said...

Oh, girlie...I am drooling. I LOVE THAT GREEN lace. LOVE IT!!! So glad you had a great time.

Ady said...

I can't wait to play with those milkcaps and maybe borrow one or two. hint, hint... I can't wait to see the sunset pictures. Maybe not all two hundred of them. LOL

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Oh I love all your finds! especially that frog flower holder and the candy dish! Looks like a wonderful time!

bwgayoso said...

Great finds!!! We need to make it a girls outing one year ; )

Anonymous said...

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Marlene said...

WOW Vanessa, I can't belive I missed this post. I love your blog. What great goodies you found! What a gorgeous sunset picture.