Sunday, June 21, 2009

I won!

I'm so excited because I was one of the two winners of the Cocoa Daisy Diva Styles challenge. My Nature layout below was selected as a favorite! Cool.

On a separate note, I was at urgent care today with my hubby. My poor honey got a really bad allergic reaction to something he consumed (we're not sure if it was a medicine he was prescribed or the seafood we ate last night) and he broke out in hives. After three Benadryls and lots of Caladryl, he wasn't getting better so I took him in for something stronger. He seems to be a little better, but it will take a few days for this to subside.

Meanwhile, I will be heading to La Isla del Encanto (AKA Puerto Rico) on Tuesday for work. I have a presentation to do... It will be a quick one nighter, but then I'll be headed back there with my honey in just a few days for vacation. Whoohoo! And this is where we will stay for the first few nights...

Have a great week! I'll post some more layouts soon...

Peace and happy scrapping,


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! you deserver to win on ALL your layouts as you are so creative and amazing!! have fun in PR and hope your hubby feels better soon! hope to see you soon (?)


Ady said...

WhooHoo... congrats, that layout is amazing. I hope Richard feels better soon. You are going to have so much fun in PR.

bwgayoso said...

Congrats Vane! How exciting to have been chosen : )

I hope you had a wonderful time in PR.