Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend update and SCRAP ROOM PROJECT

I hope you are having a great weekend!!!

Yesterday was a loooong day for me. I woke up early and my DH took me shopping for new snorkeling equipment for our upcoming Caribbean sailing vacation (more on that in a future post). Then I went to get a manicure and pedicure (I really needed that!), followed by a quick impromptu stop for a birthday cake, home to change and freshen up, then I went to do my hair (cut, blow dry and highlights), headed straight to my friend Jeanie's apartment for a girls' get-together. How fun!!! And finally, at around 10 PM, I met my DH at my BFF's house for a last-minute gathering... All in one day, but it was oh-so-fun!

Today, I slept in and made waffles with strawberries for breakfast with a Mamey fruit shake. Yum! Refreshing and so summery :-) This afternoon I'm going to visit my Mami. She went back home on Friday and we really enjoyed having her here this past week. After that, it will be on to my in-laws' house for our family Sunday dinner.

* * *

Here's a look at one area of my scrap room. I really want to finish this room without spending a lot of money. I want to repaint, add a few things and be done with it already!

First, I want to get another Expedit from IKEA. I just love these!!!

Next, I received my Pottery Barn catalog and fell in love with the green paint color in one of the rooms... Have you guys seen the new catalog? Here is a photo of the paint color. I LOVE it, but I wonder it it's too dark? What do you guys think?

I'm also thinking of putting up a valance over my two windows to add some more girly flair. I liked this Serafina fabric in the new Pottery Barn catalog as well. I can buy a couple yards of fabric and have someone make the valance for me... Isn't it pretty?

I hope to complete my room by the end of the summer... wish me luck!!!!

Hugs to all and happy scrapping!!!


Ady said...

I love the color and that fabric is gorgeous. BTW, in the movie Mama Mia they have a scene with tons of bright fabric that looks exactly the same and it's gorgeous. So you have my thumbs up for the make over. I had so much fun last night what a great surprise. I'm starting to really enjoy doing stuff in a spur of the moment. Totally stress free...

Margie said...

Hi chica! Loving your ideas for the scrapbook room! I don't think that green is too dark at all. My office/scrapbook room has 2 walls that color (a teensy bit brighter maybe) and I also bought fabric from pottery barn and made my own curtains (loving the one you like). We are just too cool! I'll show you pics of it soon. Finishing this room is also a priority for me too. I've been at it for months and I can actually say I'm about 90% done. Woohoo! Good luck and have fun!

Margie said...

Oh! I get to see you this weekend! Woohoo! I'll behave I promise (or maybe not..hee hee).

Trish said...

LOVE the wall color--the key to making it work in any room is LIGHT. So if you have that, I say go for it! If not, can you add it?

As for the color with the fabric--WOW--Love the whole concept. Can you come here and do mine next? If I start cleaning now, I might be able to show you IRL in November...

Have a great week!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

love it!

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Damaris said...

Love the color and the ikea...hay girlie...those expedits are the bomb. That fabric is gorgeous. I can not wait to see it completed.

laverneboese said...

Oh I love the green color and the fabric will go perfectly! Can't wait to see your finished room!

Elizabeth said...

How good was your day, pedicure, manicure..... Lucky girl. As for your scrap room, make it your own, put in the things that you love, and I tell you, I love those Ikea shelves, have one myself. Good luck with finishing. We moved into our new place last Oct and I haven't finished :)

lawrenbc said...

Hi Vane:

It's taken me so long to get caught up with the blogging that I missed this post of yours -- I LOVE that green color! And I do like that IKEA bookshelf. So jealous that you have IKEA stuff!

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Dayami said...

I LOVE the green!!!! Cant wait to see your room finished. BTW, my new scraproom is in the making now wooohooo!!!
Happy Scrappin'