Friday, January 9, 2009

My 2009 word is...


As in simplify my life. Focus on the little things. Don't dwell on the possibilities. Make it happen. Get rid of excess. Feel the love. Streamline. Unclutter my home and office. Put family first. The simple things in life are the most beautiful.

How did I pick this word? Well, last weekend while I was out and about I kept bumping into this word and it made sense to me. First, I saw a little throw pillow that read, "Simplify." At the next stop, I found a wooden piece with "Simplify" on it. Next, a plate stared at me, "Simplify your life." And so on... OK, I get it!!! Simplify it is.

On a different note, I have been sick this week with laryngitis and I'm coughing like crazy. Not fun.

I have not done anything creative this year! And it's driving me crazy. My scrap room is almost finished, but now I am waiting for my hubby to paint one last spot on the wall and to hang my vintage chandelier that my BFF got me for Christmas.

Next up will be my curtains! Then I will really be done and I can post photos.

For now, I leave you with this beautiful bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. Yes, I know it's very random, but I fell in love with it this week when I received my Pottery Barn catalog in the mail and I just saw a snippet of it on Trish's blog (her darling daughter fell in love with the own pillow). Isn't it beautiful? They have the crib bedding to match and I love the owls with the butterflies and trees (reminds me of a beautiful stamp set). I told Richard that I want it for the baby's room which we haven't yet decorated or even started for the baby that we don't yet have but hope to have one of these days in the very near future. LOL!

Peace and happy scrapping,


Balou said...

I saw that on Trish's blog this morning also. I love that pillow.

Great word. I have no idea what my 2009 mantra will be. Oh well.

~Nancy~ said...

Such a great word to pick for this upcoming year!! Happy New Year to you and Richard as well!!!! And wow.. that bedding from Pottery Barn Kids... drooooling.. it's so cute and gorgeous.. Thanks for sharing! Happy Saturday sweetie and talk to you soon!

Maritza said...

Simplify is one of my favorite words; I use it a lot. Can't wait to see your room pics. Hurry, I can't wait.

Ady said...

That kid's room is beautiful. So glad your feeling better.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

what a perfect word. I hope to complete so many of the same things. Love your chandelier and the store it came from :)